My most beloved!

Just as we have different qualities, natures and moods that are more or less attractive to our friends and people in general.
The Supreme Lord have the full spectra of all qualities, natures and moods.
Especially in His universal form, where they all are visible, eternally.

The qualities, nature and the moods of the Goddess of Love-
Srimati Radharani are fully and completely attracting my heart, mind and intellect. My Gurudeva is Her property to the fullest extent, in His own way.

This is why my Gurudeva is the most beloved and most important person in my life as a devotee of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna.
Gurudevas lotus feet have a scent of pure loving service of Srimati Radhikas lotus feet, the absolute mood of pure love of Sri Krishna.

Radha-Krishna is one soul, Her absolute mood of pure love for Him is so amorous that He becomes perplexed and bewildered.

She, Sri Radha cannot bear to see any of us suffer, it is She who ignite every attempt for our salvation from material suffering.
Srimati Radharani is the force within Sri Krishna, divine love, that open the gates, to the inner most intimate realm of the whole existence, Goloka Vrindavan, for us to enter. There love rules, Her love.

Sri Radhikas love is so powerful that it liquidize even diamonds, and stiffens the moving entities, She easily melt a heart.
If we by the grace of our Guru and His blessing get a minute glimpse of the unlimited ocean of Her love, we are sold out for ever, there is no way that we ever can forget that sight. Even to try to understand this with the material intelligence, will make the most sober person go insane.

Love is purely spiritual, not a tinge of selfishness exist in pure love.
Petty talks, like I,me mine, rituals, rules, regulations and religions, belong to the material world, non of this things can open up the gate to
pure love of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.
Only unselfish-loving-devotion to the lotus feet of Guru-Radha-Krishna-Caitanya Mahaprabhu, pure loving Bhakti-yoga, can possibly give us entrance to divine love, and still, we depend on Their desire,
mercy and compassion on us.

This will make any sober person understand the glory of Gurudeva.
Guru has the power to take us to Goloka Vrindavan, all we have to do,
is to surrender to Gurudeva. Which means, to embrace the instructing
Guru´s advice, merge your self into the Holy Names of the Lord, live your life for Him, tell everyone you meet about His glories, and about His wonderful games, and never ever, offend any living being.

We must learn to pray, for Their service only, we do not know what They want with us, let Them decide, only They know, and They know exactly what we need, we must not make fools out of our self.
May our Lord have mercy on us.