My loving obeisances to all the devotees of the Lord.

Attachment is the cause of madness.
Detachment is true wealth, like a beautiful flower-garland
increasing the beauty of the wise.
We grieve, worry, hate, envy, lie, dupe and swindle when we classifies objects and persons into two divisions, mine or not mine, us and them.
To put a material label on a soul is foolishness extreme.
Krishna say; “There was never a time when I or you or any other soul, where non-existent. Nor is it right, that we shall cease to be, in the future”.

Lord Krishna says her that the bodies are perishable while the self (soul) is imperishable. It is a rule; that which exists in the beginning and the end, also exist in the middle, and what does not exist in the beginning and the end, does not exist in the middle, either.
In the absence of the material sense-object, the truth ever remains, as it is.

Krishna says; “Just as boy-hood, youth and old age changes in the physical body of the soul, does not affect the soul, neither does the change to another body at death. This realization is but one gem, in the eternal life of the wise, My servant”.
We should bear pleasure and pain with patience,
remain unaffected by them or ignore them.

Only then can we see the truth, and live in truth.
This is wisdom.
Separatism, us and them is straight out evil.
This human life, has not been given to us to experience pleasure and pain, but to attain supreme bliss, when this is obtained, we have nothing else to seek. If we remain greedy and desirous of acquiring favourable circumstances, we shall not be able to make use of those circumstances,
because our energy will be wasted in the enjoyment of those circumstances, rather than in making proper use of them. The same goes for unfavourable circumstances, because we will grieve over these.
If a person think he is materially wealthy he is a foolish thief.

Real wealth is to distribute “his” fortune to the poor and the destitute,
who has enabled him to be rich and ignorantly proud.
And if this is done to glorify Krishna, he will eternally feel wealthy.
Undesirable circumstances are painful, only when there is a desire for pleasure. If that desire is renounced, then undesirable circumstances cannot be painful. If a patient is given bitter medicines and painful injections, he is not upset, rather he is pleased, because he knows they are cures for his disease. What ever our Lord is giving to us is truly to our favour, if we are displeased with His loving care, it will result in great misery. The wise seers who has perceived the truth, see that the perishable is unreal and the imperishable is real, this realization is a requirement if we desire to live in the truth.

Your average servant,
Sri Lala Gopal´s Das.