Bhagavan Nityananda Rama

the Supreme Personality and the source of all Gurus walking anywhere

is also one of Lord Gaurangas main trunk or branch in the Bhakti three

Gaudiya Vaishnav Sampradaya

Gauri Das Pandit charan charanam is a direct follower of that Shree Nityananda

he is is of course in the sakha rasa of eternal friendship with Shree Nityananda Rama

Gauri das main diciple is Hridayananda Chaitanya das Thakura charan charanam

and his main diciple is Shree Shyamananda prabhu charan charanam

which actually changed his eternal rasa by meeting the Supreme Goddess Herself Shri Ji

being transformed into a manjari swarup by Lalitha Sakhi

now continued one of Lord Gaurangas wast bhakti three with Shyamananda parivar

parivar means family


all the way down to one small branch of Sri Shyamananda which is situated in

Vrindavan Dham and represented by Hridayananda Das baba charan charanam

he is alive and being between 95 and 100 yrs old


He was born in Sri Radha Kunda

being parentless from an early time on

slowly gravitated towards bhakti yoga mantra fullfillment