Radha Satyam

All glories to Sri Radhika who is ruling the throne of love.



If my desire is to live in the illusion that I am my body I have a great need of religion (because my body is matter) for some moral support and encouragement.
A material body do always deceive us again and again, if we don´t use it to serve God that is.
But religions with a manufactured God, to be used for political and economic power is a disgrace and an abominable blasphemy to God and all His humble servants.
Love does not need religions (rules and regulations), love is free and purely spiritual, affectionat and full of compassion, love is giving, without expecting anything in return.
When religion is used to express hatred, envy and other disgraceful emotions that create violence and self-made embarrassing little god´s who think they have the right to kill, just to satisfy their ghostly whims, good people will turn from religion.
A sinner is always threatened by the contra reaction of his sin.
Why should I feel fear if I am not doing wrong.
Who will gain by keeping people in fear?!
God want to free us from fear, Guru want to free us from fear.
Sri Rasika Deva

Religions are sometimes fearful, with threats of hell and other punishments, hunting us down.
Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is not proclaiming a new religion, He is giving us the essence of all religions; pure loving service to God without selfish motives, He is showing us the glories of love divine.
This is the ultimate gift of God.
Shree Radhika Rani appearance day

I can surrender to God because of fear or love, with a material body I am bound by fear of punishment and pain.
Love is fearless, because it is pure and eternal.
Those who feed on hate will never consider love as an option.
For what reason would God deny us love? Love is there for us to embrace, thanks to God.
The Arabic language has a wonderful Name on God; Al-Wadood- the most loving and the most beloved and also
Al-Halim- The most patient, indulgent,tolerant and gentle.
Any interpretaion, of any scripture, must be done after considering the meaning of this Names of God.
Koran 2:204-205 “And among men is he whose speech about the life of this world causes you to wonder, and he calls on Allha to witness as to what is in his heart, yet he is the most violent of adversaries”. “And when he turns back, he runs along in the land that he may cause mischief in it and destroy the farmed land and the stock, and Allha does not love mischief-making”.
A true servant of God understand the meaning of One God- everything, and nothing less is under His control.
Sri Narayan
Sri Varaha Deva
Only the materialistic, egoistic, false soul is opposing this and think they have the right to create another force.
The truth is that God is the creator of everything and have everything under full control.
Krishna say that He has two energies, one that is external- the material, and one that is internal- spiritual.
Those who live in the external do suffer, and those who live in the internal energy (loving) rejoice.
Love exclusively belong to God (Krishna), if we desire to live in love we have to turn to Him, this is real truth, eternal truth.
Love is the solution of every problem.
Please forgive me if I hurt somebodys feelings.
Yours in service of my glorious Gurudeva,
Lala Gopal Das.