a new harinam initate gets the name Anjani Kumar das

a name belonging to Lord Ramachandras most loving servant Sri Hanuman



We are all servants

wether we like it or not

serving is our propensity and our inherent nature

we are namely sprit souls

aham brahmasmi

i am spirit

i am brahman

but it doesnt stop with knowing that we are brahman

the longing of the soul

the soul search

is when we come in contact with Param Brahman

Godhead or the Goddess

our natures as brahman

is to re connect

to establish a link

to link up

to connect to Godhead thru


the tool for knowing Param Brahman

is to find a servant of the servant

Param Brahman Shree Krishna

says clearly how we as small brahman can get to know him

Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth.

thoose souls who have surrendered at the feet of a Guru

and that Guru has to have seen the truth

the Absolute Truth that is revealed thru a chain of perfected souls

Shyamananda parivar

is such a chain of perfected souls

Shyamananda pandit

by his love got to meet the Supreme Goddess

Shreemati Radharani

his love for Her was unchecked by any conditions

when Godhead or Goddess

grants you darshan and blessings

this is the end of our journey as seekers

and to get that perfection to be able to see and experience Godhead

is only possible

by humbly serving and following

a tattva darshi

a gazer of Godhead

a person who constantly at every time

every place

in any condition

experiences and have contact with the Supreme Brahman

to serve and honour great personalitys is in our nature

when we serve and glorify

mortal beings



all we get is ignorance


when a very very fortunate soul is again connected to

Godhead its a celebration

Jaya Hari Guru Vaishnava Bhagavadgita