Brothers and sisters, disciples and friends, You are my wealth.
To serve Gurudeva is the foundation to build life upon.
Attachment to Krishna is real freedom, peace and prosperity.
Krishna is all in all, His presence is the fulfilment of every desire.
Krishna is our sorce and He is our goal of life, everything else is meaningless.
He promise us that if we serve His pure devotee (Guru), without any, what so ever, selfish motive, unconditionally, we are invited to live in His world.
Jagadanda the material Universe
In the material world (which also belong to God) there are many Lord´s who try to lord over the surrounding energies, a hopeless task, and a sorce of depression.
Enwy never leads to happiness.
Loving service to God is Happiness, to be a servant I need a master.
Shyamananda pandit
I can serve my senses, my mind, my intelligence, my material ego or extensions of this lifeless tools, if that´s what I do I am practically dead, there is no happiness in death.
This human body is an exceptionally wonderful creation, this world we live in is an exceptionally wonderful creation.
The living entity (soul), give life to everything seemingly lifeless, in truth we are surrounded by divine life, Bhakti yoga open up for loving relations, where we can find true happiness.
Those humble soul´s who are fortunate, choose loving service to God (Prema Bhakti), the search is over, no past, no future, only present loving ecstasy.
Shree Radhika Rani Pure Love Personified
Yours in Guru seva, Lala Gopal Das.